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  • Alex says:

    Does this work in Canada?
    Carriers like Telus or Rogers
    Thank you

  • Don Wilson says:

    I have added the Canadian carriers e-mail to text gateways to the list. This is not on the App Store yet. Anyone who wants this now please let me know. I can send a TestFlight invitation.

  • P Sippel says:

    Is there any way of resentding if one of the addressses was invalid?

  • Don Wilson says:

    Yes, you may select any person correct the e-mail address and then tap the action button to send a notification to just that person.

  • Don Wilson says:

    Alex, 1.0.6 is now on the App Store with added Canadian carriers’ e-mail to text gateways.

  • Hope says:

    I keep getting “connection error” when I try to send emails & texts. Please tell me how to fix this.

  • Don Wilson says:

    Please make sure you have a data connection, wifi or cellular when you send. Also check settings “send settings”. What is your send method set to? Do you have your correct email address entered?

  • Paula says:

    We didnt receive notifications.

  • Darlene Dolan says:

    I set up a family gift exchange for 13 people. Only those who had Verizon received a text. The 6 family members that had AT&T did not receive anything. Not sure if AT&T has a filter to prevent text from web service. I think you need to figure out a way around this.
    This is a major problem with the app
    Please advise
    Darlene Dolan

  • Don Wilson says:

    Did you get any error message when sending? Please let me keep know how you have it setup. Are the notifications set for email or text? If text make sure you have the correct carrier set for each person. Also make surer your from email address is set correctly. You may check the “options” log as well to see if it shows any errors.

  • Don Wilson says:

    Darlene, I have tested with AT&T. Please check options “log” to see if it shows the email to text gateway phonenumber@att.txt.net for the notifications for at&t

  • Kevin Grumbles says:

    I a the “administrator” in the gift exchange group. I a receiving emails for suggestions. I have added those suggestions for the people, when I hit done it will ask me if I want to send out the suggestion to the person who has it. It’s been about 15 min and there is a message still saying it’s being sent.

  • Don Wilson says:

    It should only take a few seconds to send. Is it possible your wifi or cellular internet connection was interrupted. If it does not time out with an error you may have to terminate the app. Double-tap on the home button then swipe up on the app. Check the summary log to see if it shows any error indication. You can make a slight change such as adding a period to the suggestion to try again.

  • Chad Williams says:

    I’m getting errors when trying to send notifications on $5.99 version.
    Sending via text.
    Getting error messages in my gmail

    Is the address format it’s trying to send to.


  • Chad Williams says:

    I figured it out.
    When sending via text to ATT customer, you have to go in and select a different carrier then select ATT Wireless.

  • Don Wilson says:

    Thanks for the information. I am looking into this.

  • Kathy says:

    I can’t find the place to input my “from” address & the app won’t send the notifications

  • Don Wilson says:

    Hi Kathy, if you are using native mode the from address will be automatic. Otherwise it will show up in the send settings screen. Are you using an iPhone or iPad?

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