CommView 3.0.8

The CommView download is now an installer instead of a zip file. The installer installs the CommView executable and the documentation file and creates Shortcuts for the start menu and desktop. The CommView exe file is still self contained so it can run without installation dependencies.  The CommView “File” menu now has an “Install to Flash Drive” option for a simple way to copy CommView to be able to run it from a flash drive, network or other location.

Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS

Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS is now on the App Store. Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for improving it please post a comment below or send an e-mail to: Also you may e-mail any quizzes to me that you make and would like to contribute to the shared download area. If the quizzes have references to copyrighted works be sure to abide by copyright fair use.

Quizzes may be e-mailed by tapping the “Edit” button, select the quiz, then tap the action button iOS_action_button. Recipients of the e-mail with Quick Quiz installed may select the attachment and “Open With” Quick Quiz. Custom responses may also be shared in the same manner.

Coming soon… Quick Quiz for Mac that will be fully compatible with Quick Quiz Mobile for iOS quiz files.